Raimy Sullivan is a character on the Frequency television series. She is the protagonist of the series, replacing the character "John Sullivan" from the original Frequency movie.


Raimy Sullivan is the daughter of NYPD detective Frank Sullivan and nurse Julie "Jules" Sullivan. After experiencing an unexplained weather phenomenon, she becomes able to communicate with her deceased father through Frank's old ham radio. She uses the opportunity to warn her  father of his impending death, which allows Frank to survives but at the same time causes major changes to her own timeline, including the death of her mother at the hands of the Nightingale Killer. From then on, Raimy and her father team up using the ham radio to hunt down the Nightingale both in 1996 and 2016, trying to prevent the murder of Julie Sullivan.


As the protagonist, Raimy has appeared in every episode so far.

Behind the scenesEdit

Raimy Sullivan is portrayed by actor Peyton List.


Raimy joined the NYPD in 2008, and made detective in 2014.

  • In the original timeline, Raimy's training officer was Sergeant Stan Moreno; in the new timeline, she rode with her father, Detective Frank Sullivan


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