"Pilot" is the first episode of Season 1 of the Frequency television series on the CW network.


After lightning runs in on her father's old ham radio, Raimy Sullivan begins to communicate with a man named Frank, who bears similarities to her father who died 20 years ago. They both quickly realize they are speaking to each other through time. Both are also police officers in their respective time periods; Frank, in 1996, is going undercover and Raimy currently investigates a cold case of a serial killer, known as the Nightingale Killer. She also uncovers evidence that Frank, whose death is due to happen soon, was set up. She helps prevent his death at the time but sets off a butterfly effect that changes reality: her father doesn't die in the 1996 shooting; her mother is shown to be a Nightingale victim; and fiancé Daniel has never met her.


Main castEdit

Additional castEdit

  • Ava Telek as Gordo's Daughter
  • Britney Waldron as Office Passerby
  • Emma Greenwood as Young Raimy
  • Emma O'Leary as Gordo's Wife
  • Garett Bullock as Tommy MacGuire
  • Jennifer Spence as Susie Cairone
  • Sean Owen Roberts as Ricky
  • Tatyana Forrest as Daniel's Girlfriend
  • Ty Consiglio as Young Gordo
  • Vincent Dangerfield as Killer

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