Frank Sullivan is a character on the Frequency television series.


A respected NYPD detective, Frank Sullivan is the father of Raimy Sullivan and husband of Julie Sullivan. Following his death in a shootout in 1996, his reputation was ruined and he was painted as a dirty cop for the next 20 years until his daughter, now an adult and a police officer herself, managed to contact him through time thanks to an unexplained weather phenomenon that affected Frank's old ham radio. Though at first he refused to believe the woman talking to him through the radio was his daughter, he eventually believed her and, thanks to her advice, survived the gunfight that led to his death. Through a series of events, Frank's survival ended up causing his wife's death at the hands of the Nightingale Killer in early 1997, a fact that he and Raimy are now working together to change.

In the new timeline created after he survived, Frank continued on the job until his death in a car crash in 2011 at the age of 43. In 2008, he served as his daughter's training officer.


Season 1Edit


  • After emerging from deep cover in 1996, Frank was awarded the NYPD Combat Cross.